Installing Linux Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine

For Windows Users:

1. Create a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V

  • Open Hyper-V Manager on your computer (search in the taskbar).

  • Right-click on your computer name > select 'Virtual Switch Manager'.

  • Choose 'New virtual network switch' > 'External' > 'Create Virtual Switch'.

  • Name your virtual switch > click 'OK' > 'Yes'.

2. Install Linux Ubuntu on Hyper-V Using Quick Create

  • Open Hyper-V Manager.

  • Click 'Action' > 'Quick Create'.

  • Select 'Ubuntu 22.04' on the left side.

  • Click 'More options' > Expand 'Default switch' list > choose the virtual switch created earlier.

  • Click 'Create Virtual Machine'.

  • Right-click on the VM > click 'Connect'.

  • Follow the prompts to install Ubuntu.

3. Install Curl on Your Virtual Machine for FLECS

  • Open Hyper-V Manager > Start your VM.

  • Create an account following the instructions.

  • Click 'Show Applications' > Open Terminal.

  • Type sudo apt install curl and press Enter.

  • Enter your login password > press Enter.

  • Check installation: Type curl --version.

For macOS Users:

1. Create a Virtual Machine and Install Ubuntu

  • Download UTM and Ubuntu: UTM for Mac | Ubuntu Desktop

  • Open UTM > 'Create a New Virtual Machine'.

  • Virtualize > Linux > Browse > Select the Ubuntu image file.

  • Allocate 4096 MB RAM, 4 CPU Cores.

  • Enable OpenGL > Continue > Allocate at least 40 GB storage.

  • Set 'Downloads' as the shared directory.

  • Name your VM > Save > Settings > Display > Enable 'Retina Mode'.

  • Start VM > Choose 'Try or Install Ubuntu'.

  • Log in with 'ubuntu' > Install Ubuntu using the desktop icon.

2. Final Steps with Ubuntu on UTM

  • After installation, turn off the VM > Eject the image file.

  • Restart the VM > Log in using 'Ubuntu on Xorg'.

  • Open Terminal > Update packages: sudo apt update (enter password when prompted).

  • Install Curl: sudo apt install curl (enter password).

Next Steps for Both Windows and Mac Users:

After setting up Ubuntu on your virtual machine, follow the FLECS installation guide for Linux systems to complete your setup #step-2-install-flecs

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