®️Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace

Customizing Your Automation Ecosystem

Subscription Requirement

To access and utilize the "Whitelabel FLECS Marketplace" feature, it's essential to have an active subscription to 'FLECS Whitelabeling Plus'. This premium service is a charged product, offering exclusive capabilities to customize and tailor the FLECS Marketplace according to your specific business needs and branding requirements. The subscription ensures that you can fully leverage the whitelabeling features to enhance your marketplace presence and offer a unique experience to your customers.


"Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace" is a unique feature designed for device vendors to curate and tailor their automation app offerings. This functionality empowers vendors to filter and select applications from the standard FLECS Marketplace, ensuring compatibility and alignment with their specific devices and customer needs. Additionally, it provides an exclusive avenue for vendors to introduce and manage their private apps, accessible solely to their customer base.

Key Capabilities of Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace

1. Selective Application Curation:

  • Competitor and Compatibility Filtering: Vendors can exclude competitors’ apps or apps that aren’t supported by their devices, ensuring a focused and relevant app portfolio.

  • Tailored App Selection: Customize the app offerings based on device capabilities and customer requirements, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

2. Private Application Integration:

  • Exclusive Apps for Your Customers: Introduce and manage your own private apps within the Marketplace, exclusively available for your devices and customers.

  • Direct Deployment: Seamlessly deploy these private apps to your customers’ devices, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

3. Customer-Centric App Ecosystem:

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Provide a unique and bespoke app marketplace experience to your customers, reinforcing brand loyalty and customer retention.

  • Controlled App Environment: Maintain complete control over the app ecosystem available to your users, aligning it with your business strategy and customer needs.

Support and Tools for Implementation

1. Integration Assistance:

  • Guidance for Setup: Receive detailed support for integrating and customizing the Marketplace with your device ecosystem.

  • Technical Resources: Access technical documentation and resources for a smooth integration process.

2. Marketplace Management Tools:

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Manage your private and selected apps through a user-friendly vendor dashboard.

  • App Performance Tracking: Monitor the usage and performance of your apps, gaining insights to better serve your customer base.

Benefits for Device Vendors

By utilizing the "Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace" feature, device vendors can create a more controlled and effective automation environment for their customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction due to the relevance and quality of the app offerings, and an enhanced ability for vendors to promote their own solutions and services.

Get Started with Your Custom Marketplace

Begin creating your tailored automation app ecosystem today with "Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace." Elevate your device offerings and strengthen your market position by providing a customized, efficient, and exclusive app experience to your customers.

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