📈Vendor Dashboard

Pre-requisite for Vendors

Before navigating the capabilities of the Vendor Dashboard, it's crucial to note that an agreement with FLECS Technologies GmbH is a prerequisite. This agreement is essential to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, maintaining the high standards of quality and service that FLECS and its partners uphold. Only after this agreement is in place can vendors offer their products and services on the FLECS Marketplace.


The "Vendor Dashboard" on the FLECS Marketplace is a comprehensive and intuitive platform designed for vendors to efficiently manage their product offerings, orders, and customer interactions. This feature-rich dashboard is tailored to empower vendors with the tools and insights needed to successfully navigate and thrive in the industrial automation marketplace.

Key Features of the Vendor Dashboard

1. Product Management:

  • Efficient Product Listing: List and update your products with ease, ensuring they are always current and appealing to customers.

  • Customizable Product Options: Provide bespoke solutions by tailoring your products to meet diverse client requirements.

2. Order and Sales Management:

  • Streamlined Order Processing: Manage and fulfill orders efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Insightful Sales Analytics: Track sales performance with detailed reports and analytics for strategic decision-making.

3. Customer Relations:

  • Direct Communication Channels: Engage directly with customers for support, inquiries, and feedback.

  • Support Ticket System: Manage and resolve customer queries promptly, ensuring a high level of service.

4. Quote Management:

  • Quote Creation and Tracking: Easily generate and follow up on custom quotes for your products and services.

  • Quick Quote Approvals: Ensure rapid response to customer inquiries with an efficient quote approval process.

5. Payment and Delivery Terms:

  • Customizable Payment Terms: Set and manage your payment terms that align with your business operations.

  • Delivery Options and Management: Offer various delivery options and manage them effectively to meet customer expectations.

Enhanced Vendor Experience

The Vendor Dashboard is designed to simplify complex processes, providing a centralized location for all your marketplace activities. With its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, vendors can efficiently manage their presence on the FLECS Marketplace, enhancing their ability to reach and serve customers effectively.

Empower Your Business on FLECS Marketplace

Start utilizing the Vendor Dashboard to its fullest potential and elevate your business presence on the FLECS Marketplace. Manage your products, orders, and customer relationships with ease and precision, paving the way for greater success and growth in the industrial automation sector.

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