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Introduction to App Management

"Apps" are specialized software solutions designed for industrial automation, serving as the essential components of automation systems. These apps are the building blocks of automation systems, empowering users with tools and functionalities to optimize and innovate in their respective fields. FLECS apps are primarily structured in the Docker format, providing a robust and flexible framework for deployment and updates. However, FLECS Core is versatile and can accommodate other formats in its adapted versions, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of integration.

Role of the Application Layer

The Application Layer is crucial in managing app lifecycles within FLECS Core. It is responsible for:

  • Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring streamlined installation and continuous maintenance for optimal performance.

  • Status Monitoring and Health Checks: Providing relentless monitoring for reliability and operational stability.

  • Automatic Restart and Recovery: Facilitating system stability and uptime through automated restarts during disruptions.

App Management Capabilities in FLECS Core

FLECS Core's app management showcases our commitment to simplicity and efficiency, offering:

Installing an App

Updating an App

  • Process: User-friendly updates through notifications and simple clicks.

  • Benefits: Keeping systems up-to-date with the latest features and security.

Individual App Control

  • Overview: Manage and maintain installed apps via a comprehensive interface.

  • Benefits: Precise operation management for each app.

Sideload an App

  • Process: Install third-party or custom apps not on the FLECS Marketplace.

  • Benefits: Enhanced system customization and flexibility.

Import/Export Feature

  • Overview: Streamline replication of automation setups with the Import/Export feature.

  • Process:

    • Export: Easily transfer apps with their data and settings from one machine.

    • Import: Implement the same setup on another machine effortlessly.

  • Benefits:

    • Save time and reduce errors in commissioning new machines.

    • Ensure consistency across multiple machines or projects.

  • Advanced Integration: APIs available for integration with device management platforms.

  • For more detailed information on utilizing this feature, visit Using the Import/Export Feature in FLECS Core

Embracing Flexibility and Innovation in Automation with FLECS Core

FLECS Core's app management, particularly its Application Layer, is tailored for flexibility and innovation in industrial automation. This platform facilitates easy installation, updating, and management, ensuring your systems remain technologically advanced.

Further Information and Resources

For comprehensive guidance on each aspect of app management, please consult the linked subpages and manuals. These resources offer detailed instructions and insights to fully leverage FLECS Core in your automation systems.

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