Adding Staff Members to the FLECS Vendor Dashboard

In the dynamic environment of the FLECS Vendor Dashboard, managing your team efficiently is paramount. Follow these streamlined steps to add new staff members, set their permissions, or remove them if necessary.

Accessing the Staff Page

  1. Log In: Begin by signing in to your Vendor Dashboard. Use your credentials to access the dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Staff Management: From the dashboard, locate the Staff option in the left-hand menu. This is your gateway to managing your team.

Adding a New Staff Member

  1. Initiate Staff Addition: Click the Add New Staff button found in the top right corner of the Staff page. This action opens a form to enter the new staff member's details.

  2. Enter Staff Details: Provide the First Name, Last Name, and E-Mail Address of the new staff member. These details are crucial for setting up their account and for future communications.

  3. Create Staff Account: With the details filled in, click the Create staff button to finalize the addition of the new staff member to your dashboard.

Managing Staff Permissions

  1. Select a Staff Member: Locate the staff member whose permissions you wish to manage. Hover over their row to reveal management options.

  2. Manage Permissions: Click Manage Permission. This will lead you to a permissions page where you can configure access levels.

  3. Configure Permissions: Check or uncheck the permissions you wish to grant or revoke for the staff member. After setting the desired permissions, click Update permission to apply the changes.

Deleting Staff Members

  1. Choose Staff Member: Identify the staff member you intend to remove. Hover over their information to see available actions.

  2. Delete Staff: Click on Delete. Confirm the deletion if prompted. This action will remove the staff member's access to the Vendor Dashboard.


Username Already Exists: If you encounter a message stating that the username already exists when creating a new user, please contact us directly. We will verify the issue and assist in integrating the existing user into your dashboard or resolving any conflicts.

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