The FLECS Marketplace: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation

A New Dimension in Automation Technology

Welcome to the FLECS Marketplace, a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize the way automation is approached in the industrial sector. As an integral part of FLECS Technologies GmbH, the Marketplace stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, simplicity, and functionality in automation.

Unveiling the FLECS Marketplace

The FLECS Marketplace is more than just a collection of applications; it's a comprehensive hub tailored to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the industrial automation community. This platform facilitates the discovery, installation, and management of a vast array of applications, streamlining the automation process and enhancing efficiency across the board.

Core Offerings:

  1. Diverse Application Spectrum: Spanning from fundamental control tasks to intricate automation strategies, our Marketplace caters to every industrial requirement.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with a focus on user experience, our intuitive platform ensures effortless navigation and application management.

  3. Seamless App Integration: All applications are meticulously crafted to work in harmony, promising smooth operations and integration.

Empowering the Automation Community

At the FLECS Marketplace, we believe in empowering both users and providers. For automation professionals, we offer a straightforward channel to access and implement top-tier software and hardware solutions. For vendors, our platform serves as an efficient e-commerce and licensing avenue to streamline sales and distribution processes, thereby broadening market reach.

Key Components of the FLECS Marketplace Experience

  1. My Account:

    • Create and manage your FLECS account

    • Request quotes, manage orders, and subscriptions

    • Maintain billing information

  2. Whitelabel the FLECS Marketplace:

    • Customize and integrate the Marketplace into your device seamlessly

  3. Vendor Dashboard:

    • A dedicated portal for vendors to offer their products

    • Manage product listings, review orders, and handle quotes

    • Set up payment and delivery terms efficiently

FLECS Core: The Underlying Strength

Remember, the FLECS Marketplace is built on the robust foundations of FLECS Core – our innovative technology that ensures flexibility, scalability, and security in all automation tasks. With FLECS Core, we assure a seamless and secure experience, as you leverage the potentials of the Marketplace to its fullest.

Embark on Your Automation Journey with FLECS

Explore the FLECS Marketplace today and discover how our platform can transform your approach to industrial automation. Experience the ease of managing complex automation tasks with our user-centric solutions, designed to bring your automation goals to fruition. Welcome to the future of industrial automation – intuitive, efficient, and within your reach.

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