Using the Import/Export Feature in FLECS Core


The Import/Export feature in FLECS Core revolutionizes the way automation systems are replicated across machines. This functionality ensures that the same app setup, complete with all its data and settings, can be effortlessly transferred from one machine to another.

Exporting Apps

  1. Commissioning: Once your machine setup is complete and fully operational, prepare for the export process.

  2. Export Process: Use FLECS Core to export the desired apps, along with all their associated data and settings.

  3. File Generation: FLECS Core creates an export file, encapsulating the complete app configuration.

Importing Apps

  1. New Machine Setup: On the new machine, initiate the import process in FLECS Core.

  2. Import Data: Upload the exported file to seamlessly transfer the app configurations.

  3. Automatic Setup: FLECS Core automatically installs the apps, mirroring the original machineโ€™s setup.


  • Time Efficiency: Drastically reduce the time spent on commissioning similar machines.

  • Consistency: Maintain uniformity in setups across multiple installations.

  • Error Reduction: Minimize manual setup errors, ensuring operational reliability.

Advanced Integration

  • Device Management Platforms: APIs are provided for those utilizing device management platforms.

  • Next-Level Integration: Contact us for assistance in integrating the Import/Export feature with your device management system.

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