Sideload an App


Sideload functionality in FLECS Core offers an efficient pathway for developers to deploy and debug their own apps. There are two main methods for sideloading apps: via the FLECS user interface (recommended) and the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Pre-Conditions for Sideloading

Before sideloading an app, ensure that your system has access to the repository where the Docker image, specified in the YAML file, is stored. This is a crucial step for both the web interface and CLI methods.

Sideloading via the Web Interface

  1. Initial Steps:

    • Sign in to the FLECS Marketplace.

    • Go to the "Apps" page on the web interface.

  2. Sideload Process:

    • Click on the "Sideload App" button.

    • Upload your .json, .yaml or .yml file.

    • The system processes the file, installing the app and launching an instance.

  3. Installation Log:

    • To confirm successful installation, refer to the installation log. This log provides detailed information about the installation process and is essential for troubleshooting.

  4. Post-Installation:

    • The app runs as a Docker container on the device.

  5. Debugging:

    • Use an IDE like Visual Studio Code, benefiting from extensive Docker container debugging documentation.

Sideloading via CLI

  1. Loading the App:

    • Load the .json, .yaml or .yml file with: flecs app-manager sideload /path/to/manifest.yaml.

  2. Creating an Instance:

    • Create an instance: flecs app-manager create-instance <version>.

    • Record the returned ID.

  3. Launching the Instance:

    • Start the instance: flecs app-manager start-instance <id>.

  4. Post-Installation:

    • The app is operational as a Docker container on the device.

  5. Debugging:

    • For debugging, Visual Studio Code or similar IDEs are recommended.


If the sideloading process fails, verify that your system can access the repository containing the Docker image as specified in the JSON or YAML file. This is often a critical step in ensuring successful app deployment.


Sideload functionality in FLECS Core provides versatile options for developers, whether through a straightforward web interface or a more integrated CLI approach. Ensuring repository access beforehand can significantly streamline the sideloading process.

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