How to Request a Quotation in the FLECS Marketplace

1. Accessing Your Account

2. Selecting Your Products

  • Choose Products: Browse and select the desired product(s). You can also use the search feature for quicker access.

  • Specify Details: Choose the quantity and any specific product variants, then click on 'Add to quote'.

3. Reviewing and Modifying Your Quote

  • View Quote: Click on 'View quote' or visit Request Quote to review your selections. You have the option to add more products before finalizing your quote.

  • Update Your Quote: Adjust your requirements as needed and click 'Update quote' to confirm your changes.

4. Placing Your Quote Request

  • Send Request: Once satisfied with your selections and adjustments, click 'Place quote' to submit your quotation request.

5. Vendor Interaction and Quote Status

  • Vendor Review: The vendor will receive and review your quotation request.

  • Monitor Status: Check the status of your request and communicate with the vendor as needed at My Account - Request a Quote.

6. Finalizing the Quotation

  • Notification: You'll receive an email notification from the FLECS Marketplace once the vendor finalizes your quotation.

  • Review Final Quote: View the completed quote at My Account - Request a Quote.

7. Completing the Process

  • Quotation Options: You can print the quotation for your records or directly convert it into an order.

Follow these steps to seamlessly request and manage quotations on the FLECS Marketplace, ensuring an efficient and productive shopping experience.

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