Welcome to the FLECS Marketplace App Publishing Guide, tailored specifically for app vendors. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful app launch on the FLECS Marketplace.

In the realm of industrial automation, apps are pivotal, acting as versatile tools for system enhancement and innovation. FLECS apps, predominantly structured in Docker format, ensure robust and flexible deployment, while our adaptive FLECS Core supports various formats for broader compatibility.

App Publishing Process

  1. Initiate Your Request: Begin by expressing your intent to launch your app on the FLECS Marketplace. Reach out to us to get started: flecs.tech/ressources/contact/.

  2. Efficient Processing: Upon your request, we provide access to a GitHub repository, complete with CI/CD tools for streamlined development. The repository works seamlessly with existing setups, ensuring a hassle-free integration with our SDK. Additionally, you'll be guided through setting up a vendor account on the Marketplace for your app's marketing and commercial details.

  3. Seamless Publication: The final step is tagging your app for release. It's a straightforward process where tagged apps automatically appear on the FLECS Marketplace, ready for users.

Features for App Vendors

Accessing the FLECS GitHub Repository

  • Getting Access: Step-by-step instructions to gain access to our GitHub repository, crucial for app development on FLECS.

  • Initial Setup Guidance: Detailed setup instructions for effective use of our repository.

Integrating Your App into Our CI/CD Pipeline

  • Seamless Integration: Learn how to integrate your app with our CI/CD pipeline for efficient development and deployment.

  • Adopting Best Practices: Insights into best practices for a smooth CI/CD process.

Preparing Your App for FLECS

  • App Readiness: Essential criteria to ensure your app is ready for FLECS.

  • Compliance Standards: Key compliance and standard guidelines specific to the FLECS platform.

Releasing and Versioning Your App

  • Release Mechanics: Understand how to officially release your app on the FLECS Marketplace.

  • Effective Version Management: Strategies for managing and updating different app versions.

Managing App Marketing Information

  • Marketing Your App: Tips for adding and optimizing marketing information for your app.

  • Effective Content Creation: Crafting compelling marketing content to engage your target audience.

Utilizing the FLECS Service Mesh

  • Service Mesh Connectivity: Instructions for connecting your app to the FLECS Service Mesh for enhanced functionality.

  • Leveraging Service Mesh Features: Benefits and features of integrating with the FLECS Service Mesh.

Resources and Support

  • In-Depth Resources: A collection of detailed documentation, tutorials, and FAQs to assist you at every step.

  • Dedicated Support: Information on accessing our support team for help and guidance.

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